Know the Three Major Elements in Use of SEO

Now, many website or blogs are indeed needed by everyone to be able to increase the sales of their business or for personal gain. However, various websites and blogs they have must have SEO in order to increase traffic to the website. one of the many SEO used is parasite SEO. You need to know the list of parasite sites to use this type of SEO.

An SEO does not run alone, there are many factors that make it work very well. However, you also need to know that there are some key elements that make an SEO run very well. Some of these elements are

1. Keyword Used
The keyword is a phrase or sequence of words that a person tries in the search field when they search for information in a search engine. The keywords that usually user looks for consist of one or even five syllables. When your websites use the right keywords, then the opportunity to get a good ranking on search engines is easy, and this will certainly provide tremendous potential traffic to the website. there are many ways that can be done to choose the right keywords, one of them is by using tool that given by Google.

2. Build Backlinks
A backlink is a link from a website page to another website, meaning a website gives recommendations to its users to visit other websites. The goal is to increase the popularity of a website page on the internet, so the website has a chance to get a better position in the search engines.

3. Build an SEO Friendly Website
What is meant here is a website built to certain standards so that the website is easy to be opened from any gadget and easily recognized by search engines. In addition, the website must also provide benefits for user and easy to use, so users will not leave it and switch to other websites.