Know these to make your office feels cozier

Believe it or not, the right Office Furniture and decoration can trigger the productivity level of your new business. In addition to wall decorations of canvas posters with motivational words in your office space, note also the following office space elements that are vital for daily productivity.

Good office lighting is not only important to ensure eye health but also to avoid employees who complain of fatigue, headaches, and depression.

In addition, the temperature of the office space determines the work mood and employee productivity. Try to bring an office room with a temperature that is not too cold and tends to approach normal room temperature for high productivity levels.

Providing aromatherapy in a room with a particular fragrance can also be tried. Although not absolute, there are some aromatherapy tips related to productivity, such as pine smell to increase alertness, cinnamon to sharpen the focus to lavender to avoid stress while working. Make sure the airway system and new office ventilation are adequate and perfect.

Make Room as Comfortable as possible

New business owners will definitely concentrate a lot on new rooms in the office. So there is no harm in creating a new office space with additional soft carpets, attractive wall decorations, to soft window curtains. Plant laying can also be a stress reliever when you are tired of working all day in your new office space.

Play Color On The Wall

The ideal office space will be a reflection of your own character and business traits. One way to organize the office space is the easiest to convey your new business identity is with an interesting color contrast game.

The color of a neutral office room such as white, cream or gray can be the hallmark of a conservative business such as banking or legal consulting services. As for the office space that is creative, you can try the colors warmer to cheerful to show the spontaneous side of your new business, such as the Google office. So, remember that you have the option of organizing your new office space with an expressive paint option.

In fact, color games can also be embedded in the form of a logo, the name of your new company only by using different paint colors. Interesting right?