How to Take Care of Belts

Belts have many colors, sizes, motifs, models and various shapes that can support the appearance of women or men. You can get the best belt by visiting our website and find pasek do spodni . Do not just wear, belts also need the care to be durable for a long time. You also do not want the appearance is okay, but when will wear a belt, you find a fungus or dust on the belt.


Belts need to be cleaned regularly. For a belt made of plastic, leather, and metal, you can clean it with a soft cloth to dust and dirt lost. For a belt made of fabric (which does not contain metal motifs) wash by hand with a mild soap. Have a belt with rocks? Wear a soft cloth that has a little baby powder to keep the surface of the rock shiny. After being stored for a long time, a belt needs to be removed from its container. Hang a belt and wind-air in open spaces that are not exposed to direct sunlight. It is intended that the belt is not moist and easily moldy. Do this for once a month.


Each belt you can store in a rolled up case is inserted in different bags. This bag you can make your own from flannel materials. The purpose of storing one by one belt is to prevent the belt from rubbing against each other and causing scratches and even tears. Give it a name with the help of sticky paper on the outside of the flannel to distinguish each belt. Keep all belts that have been put in a cloth bag in a storage box. Make sure you do not keep it in a humid area that can trigger the growth of mold on the belt. To be more durable, remove the belt once a month.