What is a dental implant?

In fact, dental implants are the root of a denture planted into the jaw to replace the original root of the missing tooth. The process of planting is done through a minor surgical mechanism, namely by opening the gums and then make a hole in the bone with a size between 3-4 millimeters with the length varies according to needs. Meanwhile, you can also see orthodontist Winnipeg, if you want to get the recommended dental implants near you.

Dental implants have functional and aesthetic benefits, in which the patient’s mastication manifests can be refined and also restore the patient’s smile to be more endearing with a tooth arrangement similar to the original tooth. Dental implants are also more rigid and stable to appear more natural and have better bite strength. However, the installation process requires several visits as already described above and also in need of considerable cost.

Depending on the level of difficulty that usually requires other supporting materials such as bone graft, etc., the high price is also influenced by imported dental implants, as well as the policy of the hospital or doctor who is working on it.

This dental implant method is not recommended for use in children but is more appropriate for adult patients or when bone growth is complete. There is absolutely no contraindication for the installation of dental implants, but for patients who have smoking habits should reduce or stop completely from the habit, and for patients who have a history of Diabetes disease, should also control the sugar levels first before doing the implant installation tooth. For patients with a history of certain systemic diseases, consult a Disease Specialist for approval of the dental implant installation action.

In the installation of this dental implant in need of good cooperation between the dentist and patient. The dentist should explain the information related to the installation of dental implants as well as possible until the patient understands the stage of the dental implant installation process that will be done on him. If the patient has understood and agreed, new implant installation is done.