Honey, Natural Alternative for Cancer Treatment

The circulation of information that honey can treat cancer like a fresh breeze for our friends out there who are affected by cancer without even knowing the exact cause of why it can contract this disease. Basically, in today’s human life each of us already has cancer genes or tumors. It’s just that the gene is dormant or asleep and will be active when there is a trigger. Cancer itself is a disease due to abnormal growth (unusual) on the cells of one’s body tissue and turned into cancer cells. When this cancer cell develops, it can spread and spread to various other body parts. If not treated immediately, cancer can even cause death. Visit our website to get the Best manuka honey for cancer patients.

Three malignant characters that differentiate cancer with benign tumors are characterized by abnormalities in the following typical cell cycle:

– Cells grow out of control, their cell division exceeds the normal threshold.

– Usually attacks slowly biological tissue that is around the cancer cells.

– Cells can metastasize, which spread and migrate to other body biological tissues through the lymphatic system (lymph nodes) and blood circulation so reasonable if then these cancer cells haunt the sufferer because it is unpredictable where it will spread.

In most cases in developing countries, cancer is one of the leading causes of death. But there are many cancers that can be treated and cured. Especially if it is known early on when cancer malignancy levels still exist in low levels. So if you are one who has cancer, or one of your friends and relatives with low-grade cancer, it’s good to look for quality manuka honey and try to consume it to treat cancer. In some studies, it has been clinically proven that honey cures cancer. As often discussed on the efficacy of honey, antioxidant content in honey can be an antidote to free radicals that can trigger the activation of cancer cells. Honey to fight cancer has been tried by some parties and managed to reduce the level of cancer malignancy and even cure cancer effectively.

Then how to treat cancer with honey? In the purpose of treatment with honey, it is recommended you consume about 100 grams of honey in a day and a maximum of 200 grams of honey. During the consumption of honey, you should reduce the consumption of sugar every day because the sugar content in honey can meet your daily sugar needs. As for the distribution of doses of honey consumption, can try the following ways:

– Morning about 30-60 grams of honey
– Afternoon consumption approximately 40-80 grams
– Afternoon or late bedtime, 30-60 grams