Tips for keeping your battery lasts longer

A battery is the most vital part of a vehicle both cars and motorcycles because these components deliver electrical power to various supporting vehicles such as starter, horn, lights and so forth. But unfortunately there are still many people who think this tool is less important and some even never check it at all. Though batteries should always be done special care in order to stay durable and long life. Meanwhile, you can visit Garage Master Blog if you’re looking for the recommended car battery changer guide.

Battery characteristics have started to trouble is the light from the headlights produced is not bright at all, then sometimes when the starter does not want to lift and even often fail. If it’s too late like that the only way that can be done by the owner of the vehicle is to replace it with a new and the price is not cheap.

In order for the battery to remain durable, there are some tips that you can do for the owner of the vehicle in order to maintain the quality and most importantly make the owner comfortable when using. There are many factors why the battery can be quickly short of starting from the rarely performed treatment until the wrong use.

The first tip in treating batteries is to check first some of the components in your vehicle such as lights, starter contacts, AC and power windows on the car. If after you check does not have problems it means the battery is in normal condition, but if there is something wrong then it can be ascertained electricity in the battery not working properly.

Next check on the head of the battery because usually in place there is dirt or corrosion that inhibits electricity to deliver to various components. Usually, the battery head can rust due to exposure to water or can also be caused often by a dusty road.

To clean it you simply provide hot water and also a toothbrush, wash the battery head using hot water and then rub the toothbrush gently and make sure all the dirt can be lost. If it is a really clean first drain so that the remaining water that sticks does not cause a short circuit.